Slow Food Pics: Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

Would Ferry Plaza be insane on on Slow Food Saturday?

I took a look at prime farmer's market brunch time, 11:30am. Not too crazy out front.
Good, Happy Quail still has pimientos de padron. Love those suckers whole in the hot skillet with olive oil and salt (and *sometimes* there's a super hot one).
Round back, things were a bit more bananas.
Huge lines at Primavera.
Those Primavera chilaquiles look d*mn good. I have a thing for chilaquiles. Been that way ever since my friends Diego, Bill and Tony took me to Tacos Delta in Silverlake, LA.
I opted for an irresistible extra smoky red lox sandwich from Captain Mike's. With Eatwell lavender salt. OMG.
And I picked up some West Coast butter beans to give them a try. Marrow Fat shell beans; the farm name escapes me! I was high on lox and lavender salt.
Cranberry beans and Italian butter beans at Iacopi Farms. Pretty.
Off to Slow Food Rocks! Life in a sunny San Francisco is real, real rough.
photos: TB


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