Gay Marriage Gets a Hot New Wedding Caterer

Top Chef Chicago’s Jennifer Biesty has partnered with Living Room Events Catering in a new venture called Savage Feasts, focusing on premium catering for weddings, both straight and gay.

Legalized gay marriage in California means more weddings, and that means more clients. Chef Biesty saw her window:
“I wanted to channel my passion for equal rights into a creative venture that would bring good, sustainable food to the table of those celebrating this exciting time in LGBT history. Partnering with LRE Catering to bring that vision to life was a natural choice. We share the same food philosophy and I trust them to provide impeccable service and elegant style.”

LRE chef-partner Brian Leitner (Gordon's, Caffe Museo, Chez Panisse) also plans to open a New England/New Orleans seafood spot, Nettie’s Crab Shack, this Fall on Union Street in Cow Hollow; see the recent Gettin’ Crabby post on Tablehopper Marcia Gagliardi's Foodie 411 blog for more deets.

Speaking of weddings, I'm off for the weekend to a goodie on the Russian River.

As my saucy Southern girlfriend Anne says:

Namaste, y'all!


  1. Hope the vittles are delicious on the River!


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