Free Food, Pilgrims! 100 Free Attune Bars Per Day

"People are CRAZY for their free food," noted my sassy, fellow-freckly friend Jen today via email.

She should know; she works for Attune Foods, the company that will give you some of that free food if you merely click this link early enough in the day, each day:

I know, it's not a big prize. It's not a sterling silver truffle shaver, or a dinner at the French Laundry, or even a pulled pork sandwich.

But it's free, and personally, I have a little weakness for things that are free. I'm assuming that some of y'all suffer from the same modern problems.

From the company jazz:
"Attune Wellness bars are the only daily wellness products that combine great taste with the health benefits of probiotics to support digestive health, increase immunity and heighten overall health and well-being. Attune Probiotic Wellness Bars are available in the dairy aisle at Whole Foods markets and Safeway stores throughout the U.S."
Ok, so it's a probiotic energy bar. Got it. The jury's still out on probiotics, but my gorgeous, vegan friend Ying is all about the soy Bio-K probiotic stuff at Rainbow Grocery, and that girl is healthier than Gisele Bundchen's bank account.

Hell, I'll try one. I go a little bit ape for chewy trail mix bars, anyway.

(Admittedly, I'm phoning this one in, but it's becoming a busier and busier week, and everybody phones one in once in awhile! Except Michael Phelps.)


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