20% Off Slow Food Rocks Tix for This Weekend

I've turned the corner on Slow Food Nation; now that I've made firm plans, I'm officially excited. It was hard to bite, with all of the mind-numbingly sincere promo flying around, but I've pushed my inner snoot out the door and am ready to hail chard with the best of them. Chard is quite delicious in a soft scramble with a ripe blue cheese and some parmesan, after all.

Looks like there are still tickets left for some of next weekend's talks, Slow Dinners, Taste Pavilions, shows, and more. I'm no fan of Gnarls Barkley, but the more I hear about their recent live outings around the globe, I become convinced that a good time will be had by all.

So let's all pocket our folding coozies (if they're not shredded after this weekend's Outside Lands festival!) and bring it -- the party attitude -- to the all-day Slow Food Rocks show next Saturday at Fort Mason. Check this NME review of a recent show in London by the Dangermouse/Cee-L duo. And this one from Pitchfork is altogether interesting.

20% OFF TIX to SLOW FOOD ROCKS: use promo code SFRO at checkout, per Conde Nast Traveler E-Scapes email promotion (not sure how long the promo code will remain active; I just got the email): http://www.festivalnetwork.com/sfr/

But I shan't limit my weekend to partying and gluttony, my dears. I will edify as well, with a seminar called "Building a New Food System: Policy and Planning" on Friday morning at 11am at the Herbst. Check out these speakers! It's the real deal.

Featuring: AG Kawamura, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health, NYU; and Andrew Kimbrell, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety; and Paula Jones, Director of San Francisco Food Systems. Moderated by Timothy LaSalle, Executive Director of the Rodale Institute.

Yes, edify I will. Fueled no doubt by my exploits the night before into the belly of the Perbacco beast, where a roasted peach and arugula panzanella, I predict, will be the sleeper hit of the meal. Unless the roasted leg and confit shoulder of lamb from Prather Ranch Meat Company steals the show to such a degree that the sleeper hits keep on snoozing.

Here's to sleeper hits, sleeper waves, and a festival for an intelligent and necessary cause: promoting a sustainable food system.

Because I, for one, am not interested in living in the equivalent of a Nevada Test Site bunker for my golden years, should big ag and the global warming naysayers get their way.

Unless...... that bunker had a tricked-out solar hot tub and a greenhouse filled with tomato plants and green beans. Kindof like that 1972 Bruce Dern eco-film, Silent Running -- but before things went downhill with the outerspace forest domes and the Barney Fife garbage robots.

Sci-Fi is comforting when our own reality is so unbelievable, but efforts like the Slow Food Movement, smug though they may be, are exactly what we need to get out of this mess we're in. The Bay Area is setting such a good example. Keep it up, y'all.



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