Friday, January 15, 2010

The Captain D's Ad that's Rocking the Web (+ your TV if you have one)

Jay says to me a minute ago, "Tracie, I saw this amazing Captain D's ad on television at my buddy's house the other day. It's for some new, weird, 'split ribs' product and it features a perfect 70s R + B lover-man singer with a perfectly smooth afro and white people cramming ribs in their mouths. I think you need to see it."

(We don't have a TV, but who cares when there's Youtube in the hizzouse?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with Eric Sherman-Christ, performing the finest 36 seconds of TV magic I think I have ever seen.

"When these tender-cut ribs hit your mouth/
You'll attack like a naughty ti-i-gress"

Jay noticed the commercial during an episode of Oprah, so, you know, it's huge.

p.s. I have this feeling that the Bud Light "Fighting Cockatoo" from the upcoming Super Bowl ad campaign is going to be the new Spuds Mackenzie. Just a feeling. But I'm high on ribs, so you can't really trust my judgement.
p.p.s. JUST KIDDING! I'm high on fermented miso Korean tang jung stew from Blue Cactus, actually.