The Captain D's Ad that's Rocking the Web (+ your TV if you have one)

Jay says to me a minute ago, "Tracie, I saw this amazing Captain D's ad on television at my buddy's house the other day. It's for some new, weird, 'split ribs' product and it features a perfect 70s R + B lover-man singer with a perfectly smooth afro and white people cramming ribs in their mouths. I think you need to see it."

(We don't have a TV, but who cares when there's Youtube in the hizzouse?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with Eric Sherman-Christ, performing the finest 36 seconds of TV magic I think I have ever seen.

"When these tender-cut ribs hit your mouth/
You'll attack like a naughty ti-i-gress"

Jay noticed the commercial during an episode of Oprah, so, you know, it's huge.

p.s. I have this feeling that the Bud Light "Fighting Cockatoo" from the upcoming Super Bowl ad campaign is going to be the new Spuds Mackenzie. Just a feeling. But I'm high on ribs, so you can't really trust my judgement.
p.p.s. JUST KIDDING! I'm high on fermented miso Korean tang jung stew from Blue Cactus, actually.


  1. Notice, they do slide in the sauce mess and obesity. I love truth in advertising! Let's get sloppy fat and sexy!


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