Waterfront Cocktails Make Treasure Island a Pleasure

My music-loving friend Fresh and I decided to approach a recent all-day music festival with aplomb.

And a buzz. Crucial preparation for a day in the crowds!

Sinbad approves. (Albeit hesitantly, and suspiciously.)

A good group is key. So is a Campari Delight.

What a view at Sinbad's! Why was I not coming here for drinks for the last 11 years?
The food is even not so bad. Had some memorable crabcakes earlier this year after escaping the Epic/Waterbar opening mob.

Speak of the devils! Nice place to lunch in the sun, no?

Another Planet, part of the promo team behind the Treasure Island Music Festival, arranged for cushy buses to the fest.

The food was standard festival fare. Meh.

The Shepard Fairey Obama posters someone had put up all over the place were decidedly un-meh.

Kelly from Indie Mart was rocking it. She's doing another Indie Mart at Thee Parkside on Sunday, Oct 12, noon to 6. Gonna rock!

Hot Chip!

Ferris Wheel!

Going up...

And up...

The view from T.I. on high...

...Is very, very nice.

Night night, big wheel.

photos: TB and Fresh Pink


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