Cosentino Goes Medieval on a Pig's Head

Got turned on to this video
of the calmest, most matter-of-fact carnage I've seen in ages.

"Simple, light and elegant" Porchetta di Testa is the result, but wow, the process is something else, and the finished product -- to quote Thrillist editor Nick Elliott (who is really rocking out over there):

"Looks like some fool went and opened the Lost Ark."

From, "The Ingredient: Pig's Head"


Chris Cosentino, chef/owner of Incanto, founder of Boccalone Salumi Co. in the Ferry Building, celeb chef ("The Next Iron Chef"), and blogger of fantastic found abbatoir footage, is so impressively casual about shaving, blowtorching, flaying and otherwise foodifying a pig's noggin.

I dare say it's *almost* sexy.



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