La Cocina Open House Goes Off!

Ran into pretty, pretty Meatpaper Mag-nate Sasha Wizansky at the hot-ticket La Cocina party on Friday. We stole sips of a fantastic pepper punch...

...ate delectable achiote-rubbed cochinita pibil (basically Mayan pulled pork, and a rather special dish!) from the folks at Chaac-Mool Yucatecan cafe in Oakland...

...and watched as the crowd swelled to pack the La Cocina incubator kitchen, which houses the small ops of a few handfuls of highly talented, low-income food entrepreneurs, mainly women.

La Cocina is only a block from my house, so I had a little skosh of boutique mezcal from the Hangar One kiosk (they were a bev sponsor)...


...and snuck home for a disco nap.

photos: TB


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