Secret Fancy Taco Truck in the Mission

A taco truck that serves handmade flatbreads with things like pork belly and king trumpet mushrooms? Holy Lord.

I can't in good conscience publish the location of the new Mission Street Food late night taco truck, run for the last few Thursdays by Tony from Bar Tartine and various guest chefs, including Chris of Meatpaper Magazine and Carlo of Piccino.

But I can tell you that even upon arriving at 11:30pm, a full three and a half hours after they had pulled up their rented taco truck and started serving their $5 treats, the whole operation was at the brink of sold out.

A super nice young woman named Karen was keeping track of everyone's orders on Post-its, taking payment, and graciously giving interview time to a couple of fellows with a video camera.

A pleasant, positive crowd was gathered and mowing down the last available paper plates of "hodge podge" -- no one seemed to mind chowing on bacon, avocado, roasted garlic and jicama tacos -- whatever was left to throw into a deeply caloric, deeply delicious, freshly griddled tortilla.

A girl next to me had lucked out and scored the last taco with king trumpet mushrooms and thrice-fried potatoes, socked in with perfectly soft roasted garlic and a creamy cilantro squeeze.

I somehow ended up with a buttery/lardy wrap graced with a few incredible shreds of pork belly and a smidge of roasted pepper, drizzled with a creamy cilantro situation and punched up with matchstick-cut jicama. HOLY LORD.

If you want to know where these suckers make their weekly taco magic, you can probably figure it out from one of the photos above, or you are welcome to email me and I will spill the beans off the record. I'm at Tracie [at] SFStation [dot] com.

Because America was born of an entreprenurial spirit.

And lard.

photos: TB


  1. Proof is not in the pudding. It's in the lard.

    I heard rumors about this Thursday night treat. Now I will have to make my way down to **st and Mission on a Thursday night. This is so boss.


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