One Funny Celeb in Hand is Worth Two in the Forest

Celebs are sparkly; there's just no denying it. Especially sparkly is comedian Annabelle Gurwitch, who hosted last week's excellent Forest Ethics benefit to stop junk mail, thrown at the Clift Hotel's shmancy, comfortable Spanish Suite by green event mavens Nadine Weil and Zem Joaquin.

Gurwitch came over to say hi and let it be known immediately that her sole purpose that evening was to get us to empty our wallets to end deforestation and put a stop to junk mail. I love an honest pitch.

There she is with my lovely friend Asha and SF Station's co-founder and longtime visionary, Harlow Newton. Did you know that Harlow and his family run a sustainable, locally supportive family farm and eco-lodge in Costa Rica? Me neither!! From the sound of it, their Finca Tres Semillas Mountain Inn is beyond special. (More on that in a future post.)

Corralling the ducats. Gurwitch is such good funny! She reminds me of my Killing My Lobster alum pal Maura Madden. (Who just wrote a great lil book called Crafternoon! Got it in the mail today. Good gifting material, that one.)

Thanks to liquor sponsor VeeV and wine sponsors Honig and Parducci, the crowd was well-lubricated and bid fiercely on ritzy eco-vacation packages and high-end wine lots. (I'm finally converted, btw, after resisting the VeeV PR push for the last couple of years. A VeeV gimlet with cilantro and chile powder garnish is TASTY. And the acai gives it the good old antioxidants!)

After a night of note-taking on good fundraising tactics and bathing our livers in antioxidants, we had a little nightcap by the fire. The lobby of the Clift has one of the best fireside couches in town!

Photos: TB


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