Monday Morning Sunshine

I have so much fun to share, but before I roll it out this week, I want to throw it out there that I'm *so* excited about keeping positive in this particularly nasty economic downturn.

FDR used to give radio addresses in bad times that urged Americans to stay positive; now Barack Obama is doing the same thing.

In that vein, I'm all about the happy stuff. Fall weather. Crisp air. Road Trips. Good Advices.

Here's some great advice on keeping things fresh, light and inexpensive from some old chums-of-chums over in New York City.

Per Maxwell at Apartment Therapy:

"For Monday, I put together this little list of the little things that make a difference to me and linked to some other good ones that have gathered many comments. I invite you to send in your own."

• Buying fresh flowers each week
• Cooking at home (instead of takeout or going out)
• Cleaning the windows
• Sorting your mail right away when you come home (recycle the junk mail!)
• Oiling your butcher blocks (so they don't split)
• Inviting friends over for dinner more often (rather than going out)

You can click through here to see the rest.

(And don't forget to check the global voting polls at -- a buddy of mine engineered a gigantic, worldwide poll that asks, "Who would you vote for if anyone in the world could vote for the American president?" The results are uplifting.)

What are your little things?

photo from The Obama 100 party: Winni Wintermeyer


  1. Three cheers for the Yum Diary! It always gives me a reason to perk up and get my smile on.

  2. love the posts!!! im checking in often <3


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