TK and Harold McGee Talk Umami Live in SF 7/21/08

Here's your chance to hang out with Thomas Keller and Harold McGee:

Umami Symposium: New Frontiers of Taste
discussion and multi-course lunch
Monday, July 21 2008 (tix avail til 7/16)
11:30 a.m. - 4:30pm
Hyatt Regency in San Francisco

Umami is the stuff that makes MSG so irresistible and is created when you dry-age a steak, let a tomato ripen on the sill, ferment soybeans, or age a cheese -- it's that deep, dark, caramelized flavor in a grilled burger that makes you want to eat a horse even when you're hung over.

The Umami Information Center presents New Frontiers of Taste, a symposium commemorating the discovery of "the fifth taste"100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan.
photo: TB

The menu: seared Japanese spiny lobster, ginger-poached Georgia shrimp and watermelon salad and Salle d'Agneau: lamb sous vide.

Big guns in effect: Chefs Thomas Keller of French Laundry, Hiro Sone of Terra and Ame and Kunio Tokuoka of Kyoto Kitcho in Japan.


Kathy Sykes, Ph.D. (professor of sciences and society, University of Bristol)
Gary Beauchamp, Ph.D. (director, Monell Chemical Senses Center)
John Prescott, Ph.D. (associate professor of psychology, The University of Newcastle)
Kunio Tokuoka (executive chef, Kyoto Kitcho)
Tim Hanni (master of wine and wine educator)


Harold McGee, Ph.D. (food writer and molecular gastronomist)

You know, the one who wrote THE seminal food science text for chefs: On Food and Cooking - The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.

Tickets available at for $100 (or $50 for students with valid student I.D.).

It's not cheap, but the foodie starf*cker in you will thank you in the morning.


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