Magnolia's New Menu as Pleasing as its New Look

Magnolia Brewpub (on Haight @ Masonic in San Francisco) has transformed: the former hippied-up hangout for post-collegiates and professors has dolled up a bit, upgraded its menu, raised its prices a skosh (causing a few grumbles among the neighborhomies), and changed its name to Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery.

The colorful mural's been replaced by a few coats of gold paint, and a posh, vintage English pub feel has been achieved with antique mirrors, dark wainscoting, and Brit-chic white tiling in the bathroom hall.

Don't fret; the super-nice owners are still grateful -- there's a leeeetle cubby holding a B&W photo of Jer above the menu chalkboard, which lists the cheeses, salumi, and sausages of the moment.

I was particularly stoked about the seafood sausage, for which I've been searching for the last 6 months. Despite being deep fried (overkill, guys!), it was delish, with little chunks of Laughing Bird shrimp. Though my side of greens wasn't all that, my other side dish of grilled eggplant was tasty to the extreme and topped with a bright, basil-y herb relish that went perfectly with my precious snausage-a-la-Cousteau.

Summer melon salad with speck, arugula, and one-inch balls of fried soft cheese: winner. Heidrun sparkling mead by the glass: winner. Grilled sardines: winner.

The fries were expert, and a gift from the chef of Scotch eggs (this version being quail eggs wrapped in pork sausage, breaded, and deep fried) fulfilled an entry on my lifelong food to-eat list!

Scotch Eggs.

photo: Chotda

Next test: the burger. It'd better be good, considering chef Brandon Jew got his start at Zuni, home of one of the best burgs in the land!

For the info-starved, check the Magnolia blog.


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