Natural Meats in the Deep Mish!

It's an auspicious event when a small, independently owned meat market opens up in a city colonized by big-box retailers. But when a natural meat market with organic produce and insanely low prices opens up two blocks from my house -- in a zone of the deep Mission with no boutique groceries nearby -- it's cause for celebration.

Timed perfectly with my acquisition of a free gas grill off of Craigslist, Alhambra Halal Meat Company opened up in late June 2008 on a nice little block of 24th Street near Folsom, a few doors down from the original Philz One-Cup-at-a-Time coffee shop.

Between old standbys like El Delfin & La Palma, and new-ish greats like the St. Francis, Sugarlump Coffee and Triple Base Gallery, 24th is looking good.

All of the beef, lamb, chicken, and goat at Alhambra are raised on vegetarian feed -- without hormones or antibiotics -- on Halal farms in California, Colorado, and Oregon. Similar to Jewish Kosher status, Muslim Halal means humane and sanitary slaughter, and no pork.

For such standards of quality, the prices are more than newsworthy: $5.99/lb. for lamb chops, $3.99/lb. for housemade Merguez sausage, $8.50/lb. for ribeye steaks, $3.99/lb. for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and so on. Bonkers!

Fabulous lamb chops, which then hit the grill an hour after purchase and turned out gorgeous.

Chops are cut to order, reducing exposed surface area during storage and resulting in fresher meat.

The housemade Merguez lamb sausage is made fresh daily; it's mildly spicy and really lovely.

Organic produce. Boo-ya.

The guys who run the place couldn't be nicer; they really add to the community spirit that has been building in the neighborhood since the cops chased out the crack dealers five years ago or so.

And they have an olive bar!

So far, all of the lamb chops, Merguez, and chicken I've grilled from Alhambra have rocked. Can't wait to go back!

photos: TB


  1. I am so going to get my meat on over at this place!

  2. I love Lamb and when I used Al Hambra Meat I noteced that the meat did not shrink after cooking the taste was so fresh and taste great. The Mission area should be blessed to have this modest meat market with great qualty that hard to match even by any of the very expensive supermarkets. I usualy shop at Rainbow for many thing I need but know I know where to get my Meat. Thank you


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