Organic Vegetable Garden Planted at SF City Hall

Seriously, this is one of the best things I've ever seen happen in San Francisco:
An organic vegetable garden planted in public space. Fabulous!!

About the Victory Garden
I had heard about it, but was excited to find a bit on Eater SF today. Thank you, Eater SF. You're cool.

Here's the AP story, full of photos and deets like the garden's provenance (conceived and paid for by the upcoming foodie juggernaut, Slow Food Nation '08), as well as history: a similar garden was planted during World War II to offset produce shortages.

The Good and the Fugly
I was a Matt Gonzalez supporter back in the day, but I've warmed up to Mayor Newsom over time. The gay marriage thing ruled, and so does this quote from the AP article:

"If people want to eat out of the garden, and they need to eat a piece of lettuce, that's fine with me," he said. "It's good, organic food. That's the least of my concerns."

But then I found Steven T. Jones' noteworthy piece in the SF Bay Guardian, which calls out the fact that the garden will be ripped up after a few months. Jones also links to a piece on the sad removal of a guerrilla community garden last year at Fulton and Stanyan.

Oh greenwashing.

At least it's green.


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