Thanksgiving Secret Weapon? Fennel & Chili Risotto

I joined Twitter today, FINALLY, and found all sorts of fabulous things on the worldwide internet web. For starters, here's a recipe that could be a Thanksgiving coup!

Check out Feelgood Eats, a food blog written by Natural Chef Sue Bette, which today features a recipe for fennel & chili risotto. YUM.

Oh, and I'm still figuring out this Twitter thing, but if you'd like to be friends in a character-minimal fashion, I'm @TheYumDiary!

I'm going to try and keep the Twittering to food and leisure topics, but it's hard to resist posts like the live puppy cam I found thanks to a tweet by food doyenne Sam Breach of Becks and Posh! Her latest blog post, btw, is a lovely before/after photo of her and her mate's garden plot at Alemany Farm. Lush beanery!

Here's the link to that puppy cam. I spent all day with these six snuggly pups today, you know, just minimized over in the corner, all wriggling and nipping and snoozing and puppy sighing. Every once in a while I'd have a maxed screen covering the feed and I'd forget about them, and then I'd hear this faint rustling and light yipping. And I'd discover them ALL OVER AGAIN!!


Thanks, Twitter. Being a nerd just got a whole lot more complicated.

Photo reposted from FeelGood Eats


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