Good Hotel & Pizza: New, Hip, Cheap + Green in SOMA

I've got such good scoop today on a hip, CHEAP new hotel and pizza parlor in SOMA, and it's green to boot! Just in time for holiday visitor season.

Good Hotel, a new JDV property at 7th and Mission, threw an opening party last Thursday night, so I met up with my food writer friend Chrissy Loader to check it out and have a few slices.

The courtyard was full of well-dressed, business-y hipsters sipping Mas wines and chomping Good Pizza.

Looks like parking will be a breeze, but we couldn't help noting that a pool would be even better.

The pizza, I'm happy to report, is good, even delicious. Thin crust, nice chewy/flaky ratio, pleasing sauce flavor, and not too much cheese. Just my style.

The interior of Good Pizza is truly forgettable, however, so I doubt that the restaurant is going to make it into the ranks of buzz nouveau pizza spots like Gialina, Pizzeria Delfina, A16, and Pizzetta 211.

Seriously, it looks like a dot-com era juice bar. All function, very little form. Going to be a solid lunch spot for the (also green) Federal Building a block away, though.

Rooms are very Ikea-chic, so there's nothing new there, but for the price -- $119 to $139/night -- you can't beat it with a stick.

Music venues like Rickshaw Stop are already hopping on to book touring bands like Shiny Toy Guns on NYE into Good Hotel, since its rates and hip factor compete directly with the infamous rocker destination, the Phoenix Hotel.

Hence the importance of employing a savvy crew of bed-jumping testers.

There are a few notable and nifty details in the rooms, however: I like the mini desk that folds out of the wall, paired with a tall stool for laptop users.

And this genius toilet-top sink by SinkPositive makes hand-washing fuss-free and sustainable. (There are regular sinks and vanities in the rooms proper.)

Chrissy and I started strategizing about how to get one; it'd be perfect for those little toilet-only rooms that litter San Francisco's Victorian railroad flats.

The hotel's lobby features a ReadyMade Magazine branded vending machine full of T-shirts and the like, as well as a digital photo booth that spits out a copy for you and a copy for the lobby's cork board wall. Love that.

The computer terminals in the lobby should make it easy for travelers to keep their blogs properly refreshed while on the road.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the Good Hotel concept, execution, and -- especially -- its price. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Now how to convince them to put in a (decidedly NOT sustainable) heated outdoor pool?

photos: TB


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