Flora is Fabulous: Get Thee to a BART Train!

What a fool I was to wait so long to hit fabulous Flora!

Something of an Oakland version of NOPA -- if it were crossed with a slice of Bourbon and Branch cocktail culture -- this stylish restaurant is housed in a former deco era flower shop in the up-and-coming Uptown district, right across from the soon-to-be-renovated Fox Theater and on the same block as the Uptown nightclub. (Good daylight photos here.)

It's awfully close to the Downtown Oakland BART stops, the drinks are SERIOUS, and the caramel pudding with sea salt whipped cream? Unbelievable. So good.  Actual crystals of salt hang suspended in the sweet whipped cream. I'm salivating just recalling it!

I hear that their burger is one of the best in the Bay Area, at least within the world of fancy restaurant burg purveyors.

Three stars from the Bauer! Solid.

Nice looking crowd, too. All young grown-ups. A little stylish, but not obnoxiously so. Big wooden bar, bartenders in casually old-timey dress. I like.

Check it out! I promise you it is worth the trip.

Photos: TB


  1. I want to come to California and eat a bunch of food with you!

  2. horrible service. waitress hit on my date and gave my date her phone number. wrong appetizer brought, no water brought after repeated ordering. worst bad service and food of my life. DIVE. I left the BAD place.


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