Yucky Crab Burgers, Yummy Shrimp Burgers in Frogmore, SC

A crab cake sandwich at a marshy dive called The Shrimp Shack in Frogmore, SC: this was to be the reward for a long-ish drive down into the Beaufort, SC lowcountry.

(There were different, and more stunning, rewards later in the trip -- to be described in an upcoming post.)

Off to Hunting Island, a gloriously lush coastal forest complete with excellent beach and lighthouse (post on that one later this week, too!)

The lowcountry is riddled with waterways and little sea islands.

The Shrimp Shack!!!!
The tale was told of chomping into delicious crab cake sandwiches on family trips to the beach back in the day. 
Would memory serve?
You know the place is down home with a menu like this.
And decor like this.
The shrimp burger was delicious! Very simple, but fresh and not even close to overcooked.
The crab cake sandwich, unfortunately, was disgusting.  Yellowed, desiccated crab meat, chicken fatty flavor. Ew.
The only recourse? Head across the highway to Gay Fish Co. in hopes of procuring the freshest of shrimp for dinner!
What goes down at Gay Fish?
More in the next post from The Yum Diary!
photos: TB


  1. I ate a shrimp burger there a few years ago when we were leaving Fripp Island. They were good and i highly recommend this place.


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