Naked Beach Forest Find

Went hunting recently. (For pretty views.)

Right on the beach at faraway Hunting Island State Park, SC, we found a beautiful 1873 lighthouse.

First, an easy photo op.

A spiral ascent...

A view from the top.

Then an orange Push-Up pop.

Trailed through the woods for no reason in particular...

...then came upon something absurdly spectacular.

The island's geography kicks it out into currents streaming northward up the coast...

 the coastal forest erodes and
erodes, leaving live oaks and palmettos to fend for themselves.

It's mesmerizing.

So easy to spend all day peering and snooping.

Just don't get snagged.

photos: TB


  1. So I have a scar on my wrist from a slippery groin...

  2. Nice photos, I especially like the cute one of you with your honey!


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