Crazy Black Russian Tomato Varieties!

Got my hands on some Russian varieties of black heirloom tomatoes recently. So excited.

They have names I'd never heard of, like Black from Tula, Black Krim, and Paul Robeson -- he was a civil rights activist and opera star, apparently, and some tomato nuts loved him so much they named a particularly awesome tomato after him.

Wha? Black tomatoes? Naw, they'll be more like deep reddish, purplish, and dark greenish (in about 60-70 days -- high hopes!) And hopefully they'll be wicked tasty with some of that basil you see there.

Paul Robeson tomatoes, from

Black Krim tomatoes from

Black From Tula tomatoes from

Also planted some heirloom Green Gage (gold color), Black Cherry, and Jaune Flamme (big, light orange cherry tomatoes), as well as regular old Supersweet 100s and Beefsteaks.

Green Gage are interesting b/c they're pretty rare, I guess, and they're ping pong sized yellow with green gel. And prolific. Can't wait! From

Why is it that gardening for vegetables has become so appealing as I approach the middle ages? Is it because I am becoming a cliche? I guess I'm comfortable with that as long as I have pigpiles of tomatoes to eat come mid-summer. Yum!


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