How to Tell Wild Shrimp from Farmed: Red Leggings

How to Tell if a Shrimp is Wild

If your shrimp is clutching a bottle of Malibu rum and running into the street, drunk dialing ex-boyfriends and screeching, "Woooo Hooooooooooooooo!!" at the top of its lungs, then yes, it's pretty wild.

Otherwise, sustainable, wild-caught shrimp (these from the waters of Port Royal, right near Beaufort, SC) are easy to distinguish from icky, farm-raised shrimp: wild shrimp have pinkish-red legs.

(Thank you, Friendly Safeway Fishmonger Man, for sharing that helpful bit of information with me last year!)

Found myself in Frogmore, SC with a one-item shopping list: SHRIMP.

Best to get it from the source, so we headed to the marsh-front mainstay, Gay Fish Co.

This place is perfect.

They know their audience and they keep it simple.

Frogmore stew is as simple as it gets: boil up some potatoes, corn, sausage, and shrimp with a bunch of Old Bay seasoning powder. Done.

(Some people add onion.)

The dock behind Gay Fish Co. is a nice place for a breather.

Just don't inhale too deeply cause it's a marsh, and marshes always smell like a raccoon's been dragging dead fiddler crabs up and down the pluff mud.

(Which they have been, actually.)

Dock lockers.

Someone's been busy arranging detritus out back.


Outside and Obsolete.

Next stop: over the dunes and off to the beach. Where the beauty gets so huge it's shocking -- more on that next time!
photos: TB


  1. yum! i can't wait to eat some shrimp with you. i laughed out loud when i read the first line.


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