A Fine Bite at Terzo on Steiner

Had a super-casual yet utterly civilized dinner at Terzo last night, and despite being square in the midst of Cow Hollow on Steiner at Union, it felt like my friend Gina and I were chomping on escarole salad with pickled cardoons and sipping rad, winesnob-friendly wines in the heart of the Berkeley Hills.

It's a grown-up spot -- with grown-up service -- is what I mean!

The chef, Mark Gordon, works with farmers near and far, and the food is solid Cal-Mediterranean. My fancy skirt steak was tender, tender, tender, and so ridiculously flavorful -- I couldn't get enough. Get the grilled chicken spiedini skewers, also, as they are laced with serrano, cilantro + chile flakes and kabobbed with chunks of olive oil-soaked bread. Word.

The heritage Berkshire pork chops come with fennel-green garlic bread pudding, btw.

Spring is springing! How about this crazy weather. Anyone get caught in the mid-afternoon hailstorm over Twin Peaks this afternoon? I did. BANANAS!


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