Meatloaf Layer Cake w/Mashed Potato Icing + Ketchup Flair

Franciscans, Countrymen, I present unto you:

Meatloaf Layer Cake with Mashed Potato Frosting and Decorative Ketchup Piping

I don't know who the hell made or photographed this, but I'd like to give a war whoop to my good friend Jon Wolanske for sending the photo over. It's possible that he and his lady, Margot, made and documented this classy stack of meat. Or they're just appreciators of what is obviously some homegrown genius.

Like you and me.


p.s. This post by my sassy, brilliant friend Anne not only:

- teaches us the valuable lesson of using onion slices as a base for roasting fish (thus eliminating the gluey yuck!!)

but also

- suggests what might be the raddest application of buttermilk I ever did see (buttermilk stuffed tomatoes!?!?!?!?)


- makes a case for letting toddlers rummage through the fridge unattended, if only to make the adults laugh so hard the buttermilk shoots out of their snoots.


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