Water's Edge Inn, Folly Beach SC -- Vacation Delight

As I type, I am running a bubble bath (in The Charleston Room on the first floor), which is filling up in a volcanic limestone Victoria + Albert soaking tub, and I am sipping from the bottle of cava the management left chilling for me as a birthday gift upon check-in yesterday.

There is a timer-operated fire flickering in the hearth, and the excellent wi-fi has been working brilliantly for 24 hours.

This morning, I padded upstairs to the small reception lounge, where I was able to get many cups of fabu locally roasted coffee; scones, muffins, bagels & pastries from Saffron Bakery in downtown Charleston, fresh fruit salad, a bunch of other stuff, and a little hot plate full of crispy, delicious bacon. All complimentary. Hellllloooooo.

And at happy hour, 4-7pm? Light beers, red + white wine, a liquored up, low-calorie cranberryish lemonade called Welcome Punch (literally they fixed me a glass upon check-in), with lots of little cheeses, nuts, salames, etc. and guests hanging out either at the outside patio or up in the lounge.

Oh, and the outside patio? They have some satellite radio station going on low volume that is, I swear to god, the "Margaritaville Station" -- same is piping out by the 24-hour outdoor hot tub. Which in some moods would just kill my soul, but this place somehow makes it work really nicely.

The hot tub, which, btw, looks out onto a marsh. And has rainbowy lights in it. And a nice little deck around it. I just spent a half hour in there as the afternoon light shone in and I feel way good, let me just say.

I'm a big ole hotel snobberina and this place totally ranks up there. I appreciate little details like the "dream machine" clock radio with an iPod hookup next to my bed, which has been playing ocean sounds ever since I got here.

I just don't really see a reason to turn it off.

UPDATE: I like my room so much that when it came time to order small plate #2 at Blu at the Tides Hotel -- where chef Jon Cropf uses (and lists on his menu) the stuff that comes from local or sustainable farms, I got my bison cannelloni to go.

So that I could get back to my awesome winter work retreat zone back at the Water's Edge. Man, it's great here.


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