Afternoon burger @ Hall's Chophouse, Charleston SC

Mardi Gras Columbia and the Krewe de Columbi-ya-ya parade at City Roots urban farm was all 100% amazing yesterday.

Thus, the need for an afternoon burger at a fancy restaurant. An excellent cure.
Rolling into Charleston, South Carolina at 4pm, square outside of normal dining hours, I ask myself, "What Would The Shop Tart Do?"

Seriously -- she does great CHS food coverage for us Columbia, SC peeps.

So after confirming that neither McCrady's nor Slightly North of Broad serve an afternoon bar menu, I recalled Anne writing on about having some great meals at Hall's Chophouse on upper King Street.

And behold! I get what I want. Dry-aged beef ground in house, parmesan truffle fries (so early 00s but who cares?), good pinot noir, and lots of dijon.

Looked overdone colorwise, but was juicy enough. (Still -- it was *not* medium rare, despite the bartender's kind comments.) Bored by the out of season tomato and romaine, but gruyere salamandered on top makes it all OK.

It's fancy in there, but you can totes get away with jeans and a fleece vest like the guys having burgers down the bar from me.

(It *is* Southeastern Wildlife Expo weekend.)

Now: off to take a nap by the sea.

UPDATE: Way too much truffle oil, dudes. I was tasting truffle oil all night. Like into the next morning. Yikes!


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