Pink taffy mechanically separated chicken milkshake

I love that mechanically separated chicken looks like a really delicious strawberry milkshake-taffy snake, and that 20,000+ people, some rather angry, responded to this choice bit of social media, here:

reposted from Michael Kindt, author of Early Onset of Night, Volume One

p.s. Hey everyone! My events + communications partner Debi Schadel dreamed up a great new local-to-national action campaign for our social media client, the nonprofit SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce. It's all about shopping independent and local (like our Shop Tart prescribes):

Buy SC presents:
Local Has It: Happy Hardware Day!
November 20, 2010
Location: Everywhere, U.S.A.!
Time: All day

All you gotta do is hit an independent, locally owned hardware store on Saturday, November 20! Anywhere and everywhere. Easy!

fab poster design by Karen Williford of ADCO

I love working with clients I believe in.


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