Tosca anew

Ever had a cancelled flight go badly? How about a cancelled flight that went super delightfully?

I was in San Francisco for a short time. The new Tosca, an April Bloomfield/Ken Friedman project, was open. A flattering photo of longtime owner Jeanette Etheredge graced the website.

I remember when Etheredge would drop wisdom on me when I was a server at Enrico's, R.I.P., and I was pretty much dying to check it out.

But it wasn't in the cards.

Until my flight home got cancelled.

Hopped in my borrowed car (thank you, Kate!) and hit the hills for North Beach. 

Snagged the one remaining spot at the bar. The same old awesome bar.

Made some friends and had a nice chit chat. Then the pasta came. 

O, Lumaconi with salty meats and light creams and lemony crumbs, how I love thee.

This is one I will think of fondly. Kudos to Exec Chef Josh Evens for a light hand and a formidable result. 


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