Namu Gaji makes my face feel happy.

Some dear ladyfriends took me to Namu Gaji in the Mission in San Francisco on a recent visit. It's the new-ish hipster Korean spot, across from Dolores Park, and it's got a lively, partyish vibe and big communal table that for some reason takes me back to the days when we'd do big friend dinners at Suppenkuche.

Lurved the green garlic panna cotta at Namu Gaji.

And the Okonomiyaki simmering as it arrived, with that deloooosh bibimbab type situation in the background. And fabu local beer in -- I know it's a cliche -- mason jars. I am trying to be all down on mason jars because they are so over, but I still like them.

Made me happy that we have a great Okonomiyaki spot not too far away, at Xiao Bao Biscuit in Charleston. South Carolina keeps getting awesomer.


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