Capitol Restaurant reborn: as an actually really great restaurant.

Bourbon on Main Street in downtown Columbia, SC, a partnership between Chef Kristian Niemi (Rosso) and a team that includes tech wizard Eric Duncan and design mage Nick Wilson of The Half and Half, is already killing it.

And the paper isn't even down off of the windows. Just walk in. 

It's dark, grown up and welcoming. The newfangled, comfortable Creole/Cajun food is great and will tweak upward as Fat Hen's Gordon Langston settles in. Good mid-sized salads with real vegetables. The drinks are real drinks. I foresee Josh from Motor and Andy from Terra and all their mates ending up there for post-shift drinks and tasties.

Especially since Kristian says the kitchen plans to be open til midnight on weeknights, and 1am on weekends.

I'm going to miss the fingers in my water from Paul the waiter back at the old Capital Restaurant. Kindof.


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