Grow whole dried coriander seeds in your own garden!

How to grow your own whole coriander seeds, or, How I Learned to Stop Paying Out the Nose for Spices and Grow My Own for Cheap:

1. Plant some cilantro, seeds or seedlings.

2. Clip it as an herb for recipes but leave some greenery each time.

3. Let it produce flowers.

4. The seeds replace the flowers; let the plant get all dry and brown.

5. Harvest and put seeds in a pepper grinder.(By harvest, I mean gently pull off the seeds. That's all! So easy.)

Boom! Best tasting coriander ever. Great w/salt and pepper to prep grilled veggies, meat, shrimp or fish. Yummah.


  1. Pepper grinder- great idea, hadn't thought of using it that way!

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