Potted Meat Marketing Surprise!

A few weeks ago when I took a little beach vacation getaway to Edisto Island, SC, my friend Leslie told me I ought to check out the potted meat section at the local Piggly Wiggly, the only grocery store on the island.

O, was she ever correct! I remember the Rose pork brains in milk gravy from high school, when a friend challenged me to an arm wrestling match wherein the loser's hand would land in a pile of pork brains. I lost.

But the other brands? Do these companies even exist?


  1. I had a can of Libby's potted meat product in my nightstand drawer throughout college and all of grad school. A high school buddy bought it for me to insure I wouldn't starve to death at college. I was definitely hungry sometimes but never hungry enough to eat that!

  2. I remember that wrasslin' contest...


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