Milk glass spice bottles, now even spicier!

Scored a super cheesy 70s spice rack at a thrift store for probably 2 bucks.

Soaked the ugggg olde west hee-haw labels off of the spice jars and stowed the horrible, yellowed plastic caps and shaker tops somewhere "Hoarders"-ish for a rainy day.

Now, filled with zinnias grown from a packet of "Save the Bees" wildflower mix (and gardenias purloined from an undisclosed location), these little vintage flower vase gems are a delightful morning greeting as I fill my kettle for coffee.

See y'all tomorrow, little friends!


  1. Those milk glass bottles are rocking my world today!

  2. Thanks, Shanika! Your style rocks my world as well. So here we are, a couple of totally rocked vintage style nerds. HA!

  3. What an awesome score of the milk glass bottles and a great way to show them off (now I have to figure out how to get some of my own :)

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  5. I love milk glass bottles thanks for sharing.....


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