Frogmore stew & boiled peanuts by The Shop Tart!

Anne Postic (The Shop Tart) makes one heck of a Frogmore stew, y'all.

High quality Caw Caw Creek sausage and locally wild-caught Sea Eagle shrimp make a big diff.

Ask Anne about her flavoring secrets; she might tell you but I won't.

A lady doesn't peel-n-eat and tell.

I will say that I got those bud vases from another thrift store spice jar haul back in the Lowcountry recently. 'Bout $3 for 10+ solidly made, clear glass spice bottles.

Now they are part of my vintage partyware quest for manifest destiny! I love spice jars b/c they are uniform, but they are less likely to be cookie cutter than the bulk bud vases of today. Also, if you'd like to be able to see the person across the table from you instead of a big ole centerpiece, mission accomplished!

Going to trash the jankity brown wood spice rack unless I can think of some brilliant re-use. Got any brilliant re-uses for a jankity brown spice rack?

Guess what else? Anne rocks it on the homemade boiled peanuts.

Spot-on perfect.

Just a few little muuuushy ones that are so soft you can pulverize the whole, sweet shell with your teeth to get at the goodness on the inside.

Rad. Thanks, Anne!

Update 6/17/2011 This blog post went up before I learned that Anne's mother, Kent Wolfe, passed away the morning of June 15, 2011. The two photos are from the intimate, amazing 40th anniversary party that Anne and her siblings threw for her parents last Saturday. If you know Anne, text her your support + love. Read Kent's remarkable obituary here:


  1. I am allergic to peanuts so I can't savor the tart topped with peanuts. I found that dried raisins are lovely for tarts on top or in the inner filling.


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