High fives for the South Carolina Soapbox!

Very excited for my friend Laurin Manning's new SC politics blog, The South Carolina Soapbox! Laurin is a whip-smart political insider whose engaging, highly informed writing has been much missed. Hooray! The SC Soapbox is not just politics, though, as evidenced by this tidy bit on the grass-fed buffalo market.

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Have you had your buffalo today?

Don't you love Laurin's graphic design sense? Sweet.
Interesting piece in the New York Times on the rising popularity of buffalo meat today:

"Trendsetting consumers and restaurants on the East and West Coasts caught on. Grass-fed, sustainable and locally grown, obscure concepts to most people 15 years ago or so when the buffalo meat market first emerged, became buzzwords of the foodie culture. Nutritional bean counters, obsessing over lipid fats and omegas, found in buffalo a meat they could love."

Also of note from the article:  Media Mogul Ted Turner’s Turner Enterprises is the nation’s biggest buffalo rancher.

When I was in Denver for the Democratic Convention in 2008, I sat at Ted’s Montana Grill downtown and wondered whether Ted Turner actually ate at his chain restaurants.  Then I got up and headed toward the bathroom and nearly knocked him over, mustache and...(read the rest here)

I did not know that Ted Turner was the nation's largest buffalo rancher. Thanks, Laurin! Here's to widespread success for The SC Soapbox; go check it out!


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