The Shop Tart's fast, easy beach recipe is good at home here in Columbia, SC as well, let me tell you.

Especially if you're using wild Atlantic shrimp from the Sea Eagle guys at the All-local Farmer's Market at 701 Whaley.

They recommend you get the shrimp head-on. Sage advice, my friends. Where is all the flavor in a shrimp? The shell. Where is the absolute MOST flavor? The head!

Louisiana people know that, too. I am having an afternoon Abita Christmas Ale with my shrimp in a nod to those Cajun/Creole smarties.

What is The Shop Tart's recipe? This is a rough variation, but here's the idea, for 1-2 lbs large shrimp, head on:

Saute them shrimps, shell on, on medium-high heat in 2 pats butter, almost a whole head of chopped up garlic, a small pinch of red chile flakes, and one lemon, cut into quarters (rind and all).

DO NOT make the rookie mistake of cutting the lemons into smaller pieces than quarters like I did my first time.

Do that, and you will have a bitter, bitter dish of shrimp before you.

The Shop Tart is wise, y'all. Especially when it comes to cooking. So listen to her and just stick to lemon quarters!

I added a little paprika/salt/pepper business, as well as a little white wine on the finish, maybe 1/8 cup for deglazing magic.

Fresh, flat-leaf italian parsley for garnish. Yummah.

Invite your brother in for a delightful, impromptu afternoon shrimp feast, and BOOM.



  1. Looks awesome...ahhhh...the memories...

    By the way, do you know anything about the shrimp guy that has been hanging at the intersection of Ft. Jackson Blvd and Kilbourne? (On that big median.) And Scarlett knows some guy that delivers fresh shrimp to Devine Foods that will bring extra for individuals. Maybe they are the same guy? Anyhow, I keep meaning to check them out. And I love Sea Eagle too!


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