The bacon bra? I agree w/Shut Up Foodies.

Although the crispy pancetta that ended up on my Travinia chopped salad the other day (despite my request to the contrary) was not unwelcome. Sorry, pescetarian boyfriend, no bites of bacony salad for you!

Still, bacon fetishism among foodies* is even more annoying than roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes put together. On focaccia.

But who am I to keep you from the ever tasteful magic of the internet? It's a bra made of bacon, after all.

Click and enjoy!

xo, tb

p.s. Vandana Shiva, the VP of Slow Food USA, is speaking at USC (the University of South Carolina) this Friday.

The topic? How supporting sustainable, bio-diverse farms can solve the environmental and economic problems associated with industrial agriculture. In Columbia, SC, at USC's Moore School of Business, Belk Auditorium, Friday April 2, 3:30pm.

I shall attend with my food nerd ears on. Shall you?

*From the food nerd who once gave someone a year-long bacon-of-the-month subscription.


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