Envirosax pretty shopping bags only $5 each til 3/7!

As many of you know, I am addicted to Envirosax reusable shopping bags.

They're chic, sturdy, spacious and super lightweight, and the designs are luscious. I have 4 or 5 floating around in my car at any given time, and they're perfect for organizing clothes when packing for trips. Did I mention they make superior mini-gifts?

And they're on sale! They're usually $7-9 each, but I got a sale email today from Bright and Bold. $5.60 each is the best price I've found. Yay!

[I don't work for Envirosax or the retailer, and I don't make any money by posting this...just passing on a great deal.

A set of 5 may seem like a lot until you fall in love with 2 or 3 of them, and then you only have a couple left on hand for last-minute hostess gifts. Trust me.]

There are 9 styles on sale: Botanica, Oxford, Pepsi, Monochroma, Planet Green, Candy, Mikado, Animal Planet, and Midnight Safari.

Price is $28 per set of 5 + free shipping using coupon code ENV28 at Bright and Bold! (Normally $37.95.) Expires 3/7/10.

Click here to get to Bright and Bold's website

Lots of love,


  1. Press Advisory

    Constituents to Senators Boxer and Feinstein:
    Don’t Cut our Farm Bill Programs

    Local Farmers, Policymakers, Farm Bill Grant Recipients
    Rally California Senators for Support

    What: A rally to protect programs that support local food, sustainable agriculture and California’s family farms. These programs are threatened by budget cuts to be debated by Senators Boxer and Feinstein in the coming weeks. Media will have access to affected stakeholders, government representatives and prominent advocates at an event on a working urban farm.

    Where: Hayes Valley Farm
    450 Laguna (between Oak and Fell)
    San Francisco

    When: Thursday, April 28th, 12 noon

    Who: Speakers will include San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi; Anna Hillgruber Smith Clark, Governor of the Slow Food Bay Area chapters; cattle rancher Moira Burke of Agricola grass-fed beef, Dixon; Ariane Michas, Local Food Systems Manager with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF); and Adam Scow, California Campaigns Director of Food & Water Watch.

    Visuals: Photo and video ops include rally attendees with signs, community members working on an urban farm, speakers addressing the crowd. Speakers will be available for interviews.

    Contact: Elanor Starmer, Food & Water Watch, cell 603-986-5127, e-mail estarmer@fwwatch.org.



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