Spring garden 2010? Done and done.

The Spring garden is in!

Thanks, John Dawkins, for teaching me about double digging way back in 1996 when you were running that organic community garden!

Aerating the soil, especially, the heavy, dense clay of the Gill Creek area, is crucial, right?

A bunch of organic garden soil (5 giant bags) was mixed in. That stuff doesn't go very far, yo.

Mixed up a batch of local Kricket Krap organic fertilizer tea last night (thank you, Janice!), going to drizzle it onto the garden later on.

What's in the garden? Voila, our Spring garden map 2010!

Most excited about having bunches of cilantro, and hoping that it won't get too hot for dinosaur (lacinato) kale to do well.

Jay says cauliflower isn't known for doing well here, but I planted a few seeds near the frisee/curly endive just as an experiment.

Also doing serrano chiles, scallions, Early Girl tomatoes, Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Bright Lights chard, and red Russian kale; planning on buying more tomato plants from Rodgers Heirlooms at the annual Midlands Plant and Flower Festival, April 15-18 at the S.C. State Farmers Market.

I'm not a big seed-starting gardener. In fact, I'm about as amateur as they come.

But I bit the bullet and started some Brandywine tomato seeds.

(Can't I just cast seeds in the yard and then have big, awesome vegetables the next day? Jeez.)

That would be delightful, but I'm excited about watching the garden grow over the next 55-120 days. Yay!


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