Crispy Hot Mochi, a Most Crush-Worthy Snack

I have a crush.

On mochi.

Mochi are hot little crispy puffs of goodness, with chewy gooey-ness and toasty roasty-ness.

Oh, and they are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free. And vegetarian, low-calorie, organic and all that jazz.

Word up, mochi! You are awesome!

Grainaissance brand Raisin + Cinnamon Mochi are my fave, because Rosewood Market sells 'em and that's where I shop for all my happy healthy hippie food. (They sell the plain flavor, too.)

Each 1" square is only 30 calories, and the only ingredients are organic sweet brown rice, filtered water, raisins, cinnamon, + sea salt. WORD UP!!!

They're quite easy to make. 

Simply cut the mochi into one-inch squares and pop in a 450-degree oven for 7-8 minutes on an ungreased pan.

A toaster oven does the trick nicely!

While baking, the mochi will sploosh out of one side of each square to make a gooey-chewy yum tunnel, an annex to the crispy, hollow puff of tastiness at its center, just like in the photo. See?

Just don't bite into your mochi while it's super duper hot, because, like I did recently, you might burn the roof of your mouth.

And that chewy gooey part will not just burn you -- it will literally stick to the roof of your mouth if it's super hot, and then your burn will be extra gnarly. Like mine! (Which is finally healed, like two weeks later. Doh!)

Thank you Kate O., my old SF roomie who turned me on to macro snacks years ago! You are a lovely bird. (And a lovely bride-to-be!)

photos: TB


  1. mmmm this look good. i've always wondered what you're supposed to do with this stuff!
    what does it look like on the inside? are there different flavors?

  2. Yes, mochi is the answer! I miss this stuff, can't get it over here...miss you as well, and feel extremely honored to have inspired a Yum Diary post! xo


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