Browned Baja Shrimp Taco Wraps to Make Your Head Spin

Oh friends, I am stoked. I just made something so delicious I am a little bit freaking out about it*.

It's a Browned Baja-style shrimp taco wrap thinger, with spicy chipotle vegan mayonnaise and fresh napa cabbage. Yum!

And oh, yes, per my excellent new hippie diet (4.5 weeks now!), it's totally gluten-free and dairy-free!

And low-calorie. And low-glycemic. And sugar-free. Did I mention that it is also MAD DELICIOUS?

I know, it sounds like it would be a pain in the tuckis to make. But I just made this one in 5 minutes! I am not even lying! OK, maybe it was 7 minutes. And if your local health food store doesn't sell pre-made vegan chipotle mayonnaise in their deli case like Rosewood does, it'll take you 8 minutes.

But seriously. Fast.

You'll need:
  • 6 Large wild shrimp per wrap (peeled + sprinkled with ground coriander, rosemary, + white pepper, and ideally, sustainably, locally caught like mine from Wild Carolina Seafood on Wadmalaw Island, SC!)
  • Veganaise (a.k.a. Nayonaise or any ole vegan mayonnaise, at 35 calories per serving compared to 100+ for mayo!)
  • Canned chipotle peppers (or just get Rosewood's spicy vegan mayo!)
  • Fresh, organic napa cabbage, julienned (but regular cabbage'll do, I *guess*)
  • Lemon and/or white wine (just a skosh of each)
  • Earth Balance (It's the tastiest organic butter substitute spread -- good and buttery, with none of those bad fats you read about in Newsweek. Butter's ok, but why not be healthy if EB tastes just as fantastic?)
and...your new secret weapon:

Sure. You could substitute some other tortilla or wrap thinger, but here's why you should try and find *these* wrap/tortilla thingers in your health food store fridge or freezer, or online:

As the Sami's Bakery lavash browns in your frying pan, its garlicky, oregano yumminess fills the kitchen with the smell of wood oven pizza. I shiz you not. (And it is wheat gluten-free, and only 112 calories each -- not too bad!)

Browned Baja-style Shrimp Taco Wraps with Spicy Chipotle Veganaise and Napa Cabbage
Read through this before cooking; my recipes aren't the most chronological in the world. (You'll see.)

1. Shrimp!
  • Peel, wash, pat dry 5-6 large shrimp per wrap. (Or strips of firm white fish, a vegan pinch...tofu.)
  • Sprinkle with freshly ground coriander, rosemary, white pepper and a smidge of sea salt. 
  • Fry in hot skillet with 1 TBSP Earth Balance per half dozen shrimp. (Let the EB melt and brown a tiny bit before you put the shrimp in.) Cook on med-high for a few minutes.
  • When almost done, squeeze half a fresh lemon per half dozen shrimp, and throw in a TBSP of dry white wine. Reserve shrimp and the lil bit of browned up, lemony, buttery-good sauce you've created.

2. Lavash!
  • In another skillet, simultaneously, melt another TBSP of Earth Balance on medium. (I didn't say this dish is low fat! Ha!)
  • Trust me, use the full tablespoon. You'll make up for the cal's by using vegan mayo below, and EB is only 80 calories anyway.
  • Brown lavash on both sides but NOT for so long that the lavash gets too crispy to roll! Rice flours dry out more quickly than gluten flours so you gotta watch out. Still, it'll brown up real nice and still be rollable. OMG so yummy.
3. Chipotle Mayo!
  • OK, this was prepped already, ideally (this is one of those chronological inconsistencies). Either you buy it, or you puree about 1 chipotle pepper (canned, in adobo) per cup of veganaise in a food processor. Done!
4. Napa Cabbage!
  • Slice it thin. I julienne one big leaf per taco. It's so lacy and delicate, I don't know what I was doing all these years not cooking with napa cabbage. Doh!

5. Assemblage of the Awesomeness!
  • Smear a tablespoon or two of spicy mayo on your hot, browned, "buttery" lavash. 
  • Plop the shrimps and their teensy bit of sauce on there.
  • Scatter the whole thing with that julienned leaf of napa cabbage. I sprinkled a little gomasio (roasted sesame seeds + sea salt) on mine, too.

I am so excited. I am excited for me, because I have a new favorite recipe, and all the stuff to make it is currently in my fridge.

I am also extra excited for me, because this recipe is so freaking good I think you're going to hug me next time you see me (after you've had a chance to make it of course), and I love hugs.

And, duh, I am also so totes excited for you!

Get that Sami's millet + flax spinach lavash! I am not kidding! It is magic**.

*In my mind, I'm envisioning my friend Ari C. in SF saying that bit, "so delicious I am a little bit freaking out about it," in her awesome, low-toned excited voice. Y'all ever do that? Talk to yourself in your head but in the voice of a fave friend? (If you know Ari you know the voice I am talking about!)

**Totally caught myself accidentally picking up the asterisk method of footnoting from my buddy The Shop Tart. When she does this, it is usually pretty funny stuff. I can only aspire. Thanks, Anne!


  1. I want to eat this now*.


    * Actually, not right now, because I am full of baked sweet potato fries dipped in same chipotle mayo. And veggie samosas from TJ's. And TJ's naan with carrot and yogurt dip from the All-Local market. But some day I would like to eat this, too.

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