Why OCA is Calling for a Boycott of Silk Soymilk (Wha???)

Anyone know a great, unsweetened non-dairy coffee creamer (organic, please?) that actually approximates the creamy excellence of half and half? I don't. I want.

I just started using Silk coffee creamer 2 wks ago for my big 120-day detox.

And I kindof hate Silk creamer, actually, b/c it is a tiny bit sweetened with cane juice, and I hate sweet coffee. I'm not even supposed to have sugar! Or coffee for that matter. But I gave up wheat, dairy, all other sugars, and booze, and went fully organic w/a frillion vitamins + Japanese teas. Sue me.

Looking online to see if Silk makes an unsweetened creamer (they don't), I found this post at the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) site. Creepy!

Why OCA is Calling for a Boycott of Silk Soymilk
An excerpt from Cornucopia Institute Co-Director Mark Kastel's June 11, 2009 post:

[Silk/Dean Foods] Company Structure:
  1. Silk used to be owned by White Wave, an independent company and a pioneer in the organic industry.  When it was still independent, White Wave used 100% organic soybeans in their Silk products.
  2. Today, the Silk brand is owned by Dean Foods and the brand is mostly conventional, not organic.  Dean Foods is an $11 billion agribusiness giant and the largest milk processor in the United States.  They own over 50 milk labels around the country, including Horizon Organic, a brand that heavily depends on factory farms each milking thousands of cows.

[Silk/Dean Foods] Commitment to Organics and Sustainability:
  1. Recently, Dean Foods reformulated their Silk product line converting almost all their products to "natural" (conventional) soybeans.  They did this, quietly, without telling retailers or changing the UPC code numbers on the products.  Many retailers have reported to us that they didn't find out about the change until their customers noticed and complained.
  2. To add insult to injury, not only did the price of Silk products not go down when they switched to cheaper conventional soybeans, but they now reintroduced three products with organic soybeans and raised the price on those...

Huh. Dang.

What do y'all think? Here's a link to a November 2009 article on BNET.com (CBS subsidiary) about the "Silk Soy Milk 'Bait-and-Switch'":

And seriously, any leads on an organic, non-dairy creamer that doesn't s*ck?


  1. Wow I had no idea. I'll have to pay more attention. Don't use the soy products myself but I do buy them for other family members. Thanks for the headd up.


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