SF! Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ, Delivered to Your Door, Yo.

Hey San Francisco!

You heard about Sneaky's Carolina BBQ delivery service yet?

Totally underground, cottage-industry style; backyard smoker; Carolina mustard-based, pulled pork barbecue; run by nice, cute, hip local musician guys. Delivery area: San Francisco, CA!

Fun fact: I grew up down the street from one of the founders in Columbia, S.C.! His dad was my elementary school principal. Mr. Wachter called us "Sweat-hogs" after that 1970's John Travolta TV show. We were truly entranced by being called, collectively, Sweat-hogs. Dang, what was that show called? Welcome Back Kotter? Woo hoo! BBQ!

Reposted from http://sneakysbbq.blogspot.com/:

Sneaky's BBQ Menu

Sneaky's uses 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free pork. See www.hillmeat.com for more information on our supplier. Our chickens are free-range Rocky Jr. birds.

1 pint of pulled pork - $11
1 rack of baby-back ribs - $22 (1/2 rack - $11.50)
BBQ Chicken - $17 (1/2 - $9)
1 pint of Sneaky's macaroni & cheese - $5
1 pint of cole slaw - $5
1 pint of collard greens - $7
Sneaky's Sauce - $3 (half pint)
Sneaky's SPICY Sauce - $4 (half-pint)

To order Sneaky's BBQ or receive Sneaky's weekly email, please email sneakysbbq@gmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: All food is delivered chilled, unless we are specially catering an event and we've arranged to serve the food warm. We recommend popping the food in the microwave for a minute or two (just how long is up to you and the power of your microwave), though any method of heating will work just fine.

Serving the Bay Area since 2008

Sneaky's BBQ
The best BBQ in the Bay Area, delivered to your door. Sneaky's specializes in Carolina-style pulled pork, secret-recipe ribs, and simple, delicious sides. Whether it's for an office lunch, a big game, or a lazy night at home, Sneaky's is the source for authentic, slow-smoked BBQ. No order is too big or too small, and we welcome catering and event orders. 

I love it when my Carolina peeps do good in the big city.
photos reposted from Sneaky's BBQ on Facebook


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