Super-Glam "Love Wins" Party Tonight at Bently Reserve

Another uber-fab party from the folks behind the Gorgeous and Green events, tonight at the Bently Reserve!

You are cordially invited to the Love Wins party on February 24 with Van Jones, Julia Butterfly Hill, Darryl Hannah and Seane Corn featuring cocktail receptions, an organic dinner, live music, performances by Michelle Shocked, videos, dancing, entertainment, cupcakes, sparkling wine, hoopers, an amazing silent auction, and other lovely eco-friendly surprises celebrating innovations in social change networking.

An evening with Van Jones, Seane Corn, Julia Butterfly Hill, Daryl Hannah
and benefit for the Engage Network

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
5:30 pm    VIP Reception with Honorary Hosts
6:00 pm    Pre-Event Reception
7:15 pm    Delicious Dinner, Program & Live Music

The Bently Reserve
301 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA

Van Jones, Julia Butterfly Hill, Seane Corn, Michelle Shocked, Daryl Hannah

Katchie Ananda, Michael Anders, Josh Becker, Amber Marie & Christopher Bently, Andrew Blau, Lisa Conte, Tim Dale, Amy Darland, Ari Derfel, Oronto Douglas, Eric Fenster, Lindsay Firth, Alissa Hauser, Hala Hijazi, Marion Hunt, Jonna Hunter, Taj James, Dorka Keehn, Kerri Kelly, Danny Kennedy, Hala Khouri, Lauren Klein, Michael Klein, Roxanne Klein, Laura Loescher, Monica Maduro, Marianne Manilov, Anna Hawken McKay & Rob McKay, Ina Pockrass, Erin Potts, Rose Pritzker, Katie Redford, Paul Saccone, Suzanne Sterling, Joslin Van Arsdale, Elissa Van Deursen, Tom Van Dyck, Francesca Vietor, Nadine Weil

Honorary Hosts
- Cocktail Receptions
Organic Dinner
- Performances by singer Michelle Shocked
Silent Auction including trip with Julia to visit Luna
- VIP eco-gifts
Live Music & Dancing for Mardi Gras
- Update on Luna Major Motion Picture
An Eco-Friendly Event

Cocktail Attire

All proceeds benefit the nonprofit Engage Network
Individual Tickets:
$250:  Individual
$500VIP with Reception with honorary hosts, VIP gifts

$2,500 - 8 regular, 2 VIP, program recognition
$5,000 - 10 seats, all VIP, premier seating, program recognition
$10,000 - 10 seats, all VIP, top seating with Van, Julia or Seane at your table.

Please respond online or by calling
The Engage Network, PO Box 6783, Albany, CA 94706

For questions, please email:


About Seane Corn:
Seane Corn is an internationally-celebrated yoga instructor known for her passionate, dynamic and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice. Seane has been on the covers of Yoga Journal, Nike Goddess, Inner Vision and Healing, Retreat and Spa Magazine and has been featured in Glamour, Fitness, Self and Allure.  Seane serves as the National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS and is the resident yoga expert for Dr. Caroline Myss's web site. and

About Julia Butterfly Hill:
Julia Butterfly Hill brought international attention to the plight of the world’s last remaining ancient forests in 1997 when she climbed up 180 feet into a 1000-year-old redwood tree. Her historic 738-day crusade against environmental destruction caused by clear-cutting ancient redwoods culminated with a negotiated agreement that provided permanent protection for the tree – Luna - and a nearly 3-acre buffer-zone. She is author of the national best seller The Legacy of Luna and One Makes The Difference. For the past 7 years, Julia has toured the world giving presentations at universities, conferences, concerts and community events about each person’s power to change the world.

About Van Jones:
Van Jones is founding president of Green For All and a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress. He is the New York Times best selling author of The Green Collar Economy, which is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle and Al Gore. Green For All is a U.S. organization that promotes green-collar jobs and opportunities for the disadvantaged. Its mission is to build an inclusive, green economy that is strong enough to resolve the ecological crisis and lift millions of people out of poverty. A 1993 Yale Law graduate, Van is a husband and the father of two small boys. He is a tireless advocate, committed to creating "green pathways out of poverty” and expanding the coalition fighting global warming.

About The Engage Network:
The nonprofit Engage Network is an innovation in social networking.  They help everyday people create social change by equipping them as leaders in their communities.  They develop curricula and trainings to build local leadership one person, one small group, and one community at a time.  In their first year, they trained more than 200 leaders and launched 35 social change circles in 7 regions.  To date, the Engage Network has partnered with three remarkable visionaries, Seane Corn, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Van Jones. Come hear about their innovative strategies for moving people from inspiration to long-term engagement and celebrate the power of bringing people together around positive change.

Special Thanks To:
Organic Vintners Cava Sparkling Wine, New Leaf Paper, Frey Vineyards, New Belgium,
Forty Oaks Farm, Coracao Confections, EO, GreenerPrinter, Green Carpet Limo,
Peace Love & Cupcakes



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