Tasty Moments, Coast to Coast: Dim Sum at Dragon Court, Charlotte, NC

I'd like to share some tasty things that are happening.

Dragon Court
Charlotte, NC

Real, honest to god dim sum. In the Carolinas! 1.5 hours from Columbia, SC. Oh, do you think I am stoked? You are correct, sir. I am stoked.

 Look at those red bean balls. So translucent and ja' crispy. Oh, but when you pop them open and they crispily, chewily part ways with themselves...now that's the jam. Totally worth a trip. And that's dessert.


The menu is full of "real Chinese cuisine" items, many of which scare me a bit, which means that they are, indeed, the REAL DEAL! Hallelujah!

Look at those yummy wide rice noodles with the tasty shrimp inside. Yum. See my char siu bao steamed BBQ pork bun? I wanted to eat ten of them, but the siu mai, the sticky porky rice wrapped in leaves, and everything else was like, "No can do, sister. You have room for one of each of us, or you go bye-bye with sad tummy."

We left with very happy tummies. Although one of us *did* take a nap during the car ride home.


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