Huevos Rancheros, Columbia SC style

Today is going to be a big one, and that calls for a rad breakfast. I've just come in from harvesting winter-blooming honeysuckle out in my yard, and it is so cold that I had to run warm water over my fingers after being outside for 15 minutes with gloves on. Dang!

Fancy gringa huevos rancheros:

The eggs:
2 Wil-Moore Farms eggs, fried
One corn tortilla, La Banderita brand, sauteed in 1/4 teaspoon Caw Caw Creek bacon fat
  • Brown the tortilla, then crack one egg on top of it. Flip it so the egg cooks up into the tortilla. Yummah. Then fry the other egg alongside. I like em over medium but the choice is yours!
  • You'll plate this on a pre-warmed plate. Or a cold one. Whatever!
The beans on the side:
1 medium tomatillo, diced
1/2 small onion, diced
kosher salt + fresh ground pepper
fresh ground coriander
  • Saute all these things together in a saucepan til they're browned, then deglaze the pot with a couple of Tbsp of water.
Then add:
12-14oz can of drained organic cannellini beans (or any beans you like)
1 Tbsp hot salsa or 1 tsp hot sauce. I got to use fabu salsa from Papalote taqueria in San Francisco, CA (thank you for this most wonderful gift, Kate Baker!)
fresh oregano (from my garden, wooot! Dried is fine too.)
fresh spinach (again, from my garden)
  • Stir until hot and bubbly and spinach is wilted nicely.
  • Plate this by nestling a pile of beans next to your tortilla egg magic.
The sauce:
1/3 can Herdez Ranchera sauce, heated in the microwave or stovetop. I was heartened to see that in Mexico the grocery stores stock plenty of Herdez, just like here in SC.
  • You'll drizzle or ladle this pureed red chile sauce over the top of your egg + bean magic when it's done.
The garnish:
Fresh cilantro from City Roots urban farm
Fresh sunflower microgreens from City Roots urban farm
  • You can garnish with whatever fresh thing you want. I happened to have cilantro, which is the top choice.  And those sunflower sprouts are good on just about anything.

Mexican breakfast is big on my mind after spending a week on Isla Mujeres, MX, near Cancun, having a company retreat to do some macro-level thinking. Blog posting on that will follow, but suffice it to say that Yucatan cuisine is one of the best things ever.

This is the view from where we stayed at the Ixchel Beach Hotel on Playa Norte. We loved it.

Why is it a big day, btw?

My Flock and Rally business partner, Debi Schadel, has co-founded and co-organized a brand new TedX Columbia here in the South Carolina state capital (TedX is the mini, localized offshoot of the $5000-per-ticket TED Talk series), and the sponsor appreciation cocktail party is this evening.

I'm doing some floral arrangements for it and I couldn't be more stoked to be involved in some small way! So proud of my business partner for bringing something so rad to Columbia, SC.

Here's to Friday the 13th, 2012!


  1. My dear Tracie...

    A lil mistake on the instructions. For huevos rancheros, once you brown the tortilla you take it out an sit it on the plate. You want the Tortilla to be crispy on the corners yet not fried enough to be a tostada. (Chip-like consistency) So the browning must be not that long. Then you fry the eggs and sit them on the tortilla once they are done! Everything else looks yummy. Ricardo's house loves the Salsa Verde from Herdez!

  2. Ooh, thank you, Ricardo! I love that crisped but mostly chewy tortilla feeling.


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