First pic of post-surgery squash plants w/new HTC Hero 5MP camera

First photo from my new Sprint HTC Hero smartphone, to test the 5 megapixel camera image quality: my squash plants seem to have survived surgery after the big squash vine borer attack!

Also testing Blogaway app for Android to post to Blogger.

[Update: Blogaway works! Functionality is fairly basic, but I'm stoked that I can post blogs on the go, now!

Camera picture quality isn't exceptional, but it'll do. What do y'all think?]


  1. looking good--how did you diagnose the squash vine borer infestation in the first place? Maybe I'm just jealous, but your post-surgery squash vines are larger than my 'no infestation' vines.

  2. Love the pic and also the integrated veggie/flower garden... I do that myself and think it makes use of flowerbed space and makes a pretty veggie garden! Of course because of my imminent move, I've planted everything in very-large pots (so I can take them with me) which keeps my vggies & herbs off the ground and away from a lot of pests. I do have to be vigilant about watering though. :-)

  3. I hear you, Jan!

    btw I am pretty much loving my HTC Hero android phone, although it can be painfully slow at times. going to look for a fix on that but otherwise, really happy with it if anyone out there is phone shopping!

    And my squash plants have almost all gone the way of the dodo, as is the case with most home gardeners I know this season. dang!


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