My latest byline in Spa Magazine! (And a mentor that could be yours, too.)

My latest piece in Spa Magazine!

It's short, fluffy and won't save the world, but thank G-d for spa treatments and bodywork in general. As my amazing Wesleyan University dance professor, Cheryl Cutler*, used to say: "As our society becomes more high-tech, we will need more high touch."

Click here to see the (blessedly short!) article and slideshow:  Spa Tested: Lip Plumpers -

*Chery's book, Creative Listening, is truly a must-have, btw -- and her amazing Listening Unlimited workshop weekends, held all over North America, are transformative! I say this from experience and plan to attend another one sometime in the next year or so.

Highly effective combination of intelligent group talk therapy, simple post-modern dance-based warmups, easy improvisational structures, group problem-solving exercises, individual challenges, etc., resulting in personal breakthroughs and lifestyle pattern shifts. So cool.

Studying with Chery was worth every penny of my student loans -- and now that she's retired as Chair of the Dance Department and has started Listening Unlimited with irreverent, former Wesleyan religion prof Ran Huntsberry, you don't have to pay through the nose attending an ivory tower college (again, though, was totally worth it) to access her mega smarts!

Woman changed my life, yo. (She's had that effect on a lot of people.)


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