Baby vegetables + spring garden = mega cute

First baby white Pattypan squash!

Can't wait to eat this Burpless Hybrid cucumber. Currently all of 3 inches long.

Looks like this Clemson Spineless okra is going to kick out the jams!

I love how clusters of green Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes look. (Those are our first Early Girls ripening in the background!) 

I've taken to using pruned tree branches as plant stakes; they're the refuse from Jay's post-winter tree pruning projects.

He just throws them behind our azalea bushes until I'm ready to pull them out, strip their leaves, cut the branches down a bit, stick them in the dirt and gingerly thread the tomato vines onto them. 

I have to keep the hands-on gardening stuff to a minimum, owing to my cantankerous repetitive strain injury issues, but the little bit I *can* pull off  is so much fun. (That's why cultivating the soil with organic matter has been such a gradual and lengthy process!) 

Will I feel so blithe and delighted about gardening once the summer heat and humidity set in? 

With spritely sights like this one, probably yes.


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